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  • Phase One:

    • A maximum of 10,010 NFC’s will be pre-minted and “adoptable” with a floor price of 0.01 – 0.02 ETH at OpenSea.

    • We went with off-chain random generation to keep gas prices minimal.10 NFTs were created manually with pre-determined traits for marketing purposes and sharing with early supporters. The rest were assembled entirely randomly.

    • The different traits will represent different ethnicity, culture, and professions, to create inclusivity and encourage contribution in helping dog rescue/shelters around us.

  • Phase Two:

    • We will donate a sub-percentage of the profit from the minting process to help >10 pet shelters/dog rescue centers around Southern California. We will post pictures and videos of each shelter / rescue that we help.

  • Phase 3 and Beyond:

    • We want to see NFC community grow and evolve. In the future, we hope collaborate with some other artists to create different dog breed NFTs and help more shelters or potentially dog trainers.

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